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Services of P2JDE Software

P2JDE Software is full computer solutions provider that specializes in software development. We have through knowledge in personal computer maintenance, repair and networking. Having provided solutions for various platforms makes us comfortable with numerous environments. We are no strangers to IBM operating systems, midrange or Ubuntu on a personal computer, environment notwithstanding.

Instructional Offerings

We provide instructional services for individuals or groups. Call or contact us for information on courses. If you need to collect information on your customers or potential customers, contact us for best practices in building and designing containers to keep and track customers. Did you know that all Microsoft office products have the capability to talk to and work with each other? That means there are ways of extending the functionality of the products to get a big bang for your buck. It could save you significant costs on additional software products. Call and ask us about it.


Have you been wondering how to create a web presence? We will share price point solutions to help you get started or refine an existing presence. We can help you evaluate your web statistics to see if you are getting the most out of your investment. Did you know, it was recently reported by Microsoft that of the approximate 4 billion mobile phones in use in the world, about 1 billion are smart phones. That means they can be used to surf the internet and find places of interest. That could be your restaurant, store or organization. Do you have a web site that accommodates these mediums? We can help you with this and more. contact us or call 732.241.2731.