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to P2JDE Software. We are a full service computer solutions provider, we specialize in software solutions. We are experts at listening, evaluating the most cost effective solutions and providing you with alternatives to meet your price point. msoff We are great at  removing the technology operation challenges. Let us help you focus on the thing thats most important to you, your business.

Better Solutions
There are literally thousands of adobepictechnological innovations available to you, but which ones actually help you and which hinder you. We can help sift out the best solutions for you. By allowing us to Partner with you, we promise to put integrity, honesty and your best interest in every decision we make on your behalf.

Ask us.
A very wise man once taught how important it is to "Pay it Forward". We believe what he was saying is, its important to freely share what you know to those who could genuinly benefit. We are not afraid to share our knowledge, so just ask us. Contact us.

An opportunity to build trust.
As you get to know us you will see first-hand that we operate on an honest, genuine, no ulterior motives approach. Our objective is to provide you with the best possible service and become a trusted partner, contributing to your success. Wether its a virus, hardware problem or spreadsheet, call us. 1.732.241.2731

Call us.
If you are trying to determine, moving from a spreadsheet to a database, why your customers are leaving or not repeating, why your website is not generating more leads, why it’s difficult fulfilling orders, let us look and confirm or bring a new perspective. Did you know that using a database in your office can increase productivity dramatically? Learn more. 1.732.241.2731